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Tennessee Jack

When Tennessee Jack picks up his guitar and dons one of his distinctive Stetsons the sounds of Country & Western, Elvis and the great numbers from the 60’s come alive.

Tennessee Jack’s interest in music and performing began in his teenage years when he joined a college band playing rhythm guitar and singing lead vocals. From this initial introduction into pop he continued his progression in music getting involved in folk music and rock and even learning some classical guitar along the way.

This early experimentation was, however, to eventually lead him into the music he performs professionally today.

Able to play and sing a wide variety of numbers he employs a good mix of all the well known songs in his performances using the familiar popular favourites to encourage the general audience participation and interest he loves to have.

As an essential part of his act Tennessee Jack always appears on stage in full authentic western gear. As well as his UK performances, Country and Western singer TJ, has also appeared live in country music venues in Jackson & Nashville Tennessee, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Torrey Utah, & Cheyenne Wyoming.

Well known for his American interests, TJ drives a Chevy Corvette and has toured widely in the USA covering more than 38 states. Tennessee Jack is now performing his shows throughout the UK. For the very best in musical entertainment get Tennessee Jack at your venue soon !

TJ’s Shows

Country & Western

A real “yeehaa” show full of great country & western numbers to line dance or smooch to. Featuring tradional older favourites from mega artistes such as Johnny Cash,Willie Nelson, Glenn Campbell & John Denver and many more together with songs from the more modern stars like George Strait, Alan Jackson and  Garth Brooks makes this a great show for everybody.

Elvis & Sixties

This is a show to hear  a selection of over 20 fabulous No. 1 hits from “The King” – Elvis Presley coupled with popular numbers from the artistes of the sixties. Songs from major stars such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, Cliff Richard, Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, The Everley Brothers and The Animals among others make this a night to enjoy just singing along or to rock or smooch to on the dance floor.



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